1. Anonymous said: Do you have the video for that profile pic of the chick with the plaid shorts? Ive seen it before but cant find it.

    FAQ #10 :-)

  2. I know I haven’t posted much recently, but I’m sure you all agree that quality is better than quantity. Exhibit A.

    (Source: strippingvideos)

  3. Bath time is so much better with a friend!

  4. strippingvideos.tumblr.com/submit

  5. Teen dresses

  6. Epic boobs!

  7. Here’s a naked girl in the snow. You’re welcome.

  8. Anonymous said: Can underage kids check out this site, too?

    Quite clearly if you are “Underage” you are under the legal age to view explicit images, of which there are many on this blog. So no.

  9. These-areourlittlesecrets (and an anon) sent me this video. Beautiful first video, I can’t wait to see more, thanks very much!

    This is my first video so please be nice. I’d love feedback and maybe ideas on what to do next?