1. Anonymous said: Any asian strippers?(;

    Loads, I reckon Asia would be a good place to start looking! (Since you smiled, I’ll see what I can do)

  2. Anonymous said: You ok? It's been almost 10 days...

    Fine thanks, you?

  3. Anonymous said: Where are the regular uploads? Come on...

    Where are your regular submissions? And your manners for that matter? I have put a fuck load of work and time into this blog and used get lovely submissions from beautiful women who want to share themselves with the world. Now I get grey-faced cunts asking me to put more effort in so they can jerk off and never say thanks. I’ll upload more posts when I feel like it, if you want more regular posts I suggest you ask your female followers to submit their videos to strippingvideos.tumblr.com/submit, or kindly fuck off. Thanks for contributing, SV.

  4. Thanks archerdanny  for the submission!



  5. (Source: bestofexhibition)

  6. alicasanova:

    And more Casanova boobie videos

  7. strippingvideos.tumblr.com/submit

  8. A new video from Dave Naz, thanks Dave!